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[SCI] Engel, Horn, Tholl and Wiehle

Date: 2000/12/07 17:41:15
From: Jes Wagner Tholl <Jes_Wagner_Tholl(a)...


I apologise for writing in English, but my German is very limited.

I've never done research outside Denmark before, so I'm uncertain on how to
proceed researching my wife's ancestors, of which some came from Schlesien.

My wife's great grandmother Johanne Christiane Horn was born November 29th
1859 in Laskowitz, Kreis Ohlau.
Sometime around 1890 she moved to Denmark, presumable with her future
husband Joseph Tholl, from Hausdorf, Prussia.

I got a (birth) certificate in German dated the 2nd of July 1913 that says:
Auf Grund des hier gef├╝hrten Tausregisters der evangelischen Kirche zu
[handwritten]: 'Laskowitz Kreis Ohlau' (Jahrgang 1859, nr. 245) wird hiermit
amtlich bescheinigt, dass dem [handwritten]: 'Inlinger und Schiffer George
Horn' zu [handwritten]: 'Rattwitz Kreiss Ohlau bz Breslau' von seiner
Ehefrau Rosine geb. Wiehle am 29. November 1859 eine Tochter geboren worden
ist, welche am 30ten November 1859 die heilige Tause und die Namen:
[handwritten]: 'Johanne Christiane' erhalten hat.
Laskowitz, den 2ten Juli 1913
Evangelisches Pfarramt"

I believe this certificate was obtained when she married Joseph Tholl in
August 1913 in Copenhagen.
I'm curious as to what an 'Inlinger' is, but I guess her father George Horn
was some kind of a boatsman?

I would be very interested if somebody has come across the Horn and Wiehle
families from that area or maybe can provide directions as to how I can get
more information.

About Joseph Tholl I've found from the immigration archives in Denmark, that
he was born February 28. 1855 in Hausdorf, Prussia. (I'm not sure where that
location is - I assume the name has changed?)
He was a Roman-Catholic. In May 1890 he migrated to Denmark, apparently
leaving a wife, Pauline, behind. In 1912 he receives Danish citizenship. In
the certificate where he is granted Danish citizenship, it is stated that
the citizenship does not include his wife Pauline Tholl, born Engel.
Apparently they were divorced soon after as he re-marries in 1913.
A handwritten note in the document claims that Pauline Engel was born 1879
in Germany. This puzzles me, as she would have been only 11 years old, when
Joseph Tholl moved to Denmark in 1890. So it is probably a typing mistake.

I would be very grateful if somebody could provide some hints on how to do
research in Schlesien.

If you're uncomfortable answering in English, German will be fine - I'll
just use for translation.

Best regards
Jes Wagner Tholl (Jes_Wagner_Tholl(a)...