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2000/01/05 22:49:42
[SCI] Re: Paschke, Frankenstein and Klapper
Datum 2000/01/05 23:33:32
[SCI] Wolf
2000/01/05 22:27:54
Doris Baumert
Re: [SCI] Places of Research
Betreff 2000/01/06 00:16:27
Angelika Beck
Re: [SCI] Places of Research
2000/01/18 13:46:53
Re: [SCI] Re: Paschke, Frankenstein and Klapper
Autor 2000/01/16 20:25:03
Rudolf Kraus
AW: [SCI] Preu?ische Uniform

Re: [SCI] Places of Research

Date: 2000/01/05 23:19:21
From: Rtweet33 <Rtweet33(a)...

please help me.......i've been trying to unsubscribe fromthis list and have 
had no luck.   Can you tell me how to do this successfully.  Thank you,   Lisa