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2005/12/02 12:18:49
[OWP] Buchholz / Petersen / Malischowski Danzig
Datum 2005/12/02 19:38:00
Bernd Kazperowski
Re: [OWP] Vorstellung
2005/12/09 18:09:28
Rainer Ibowski
[OWP] Computer-Viren
Betreff 2005/12/09 10:18:19
Helga Schulte-Pa├člack
Direkter Kontakt [war: Re: [OWP] Virus-Check]
2005/12/31 06:57:29
[OWP] Jahresausklang
Autor 2005/12/16 15:21:31
Re: [OWP] unbekannter Vorname

[OWP] Databases?

Date: 2005/12/02 16:13:31
From: Pat <ddshepherds(a)...

Does anyone know of any databases or sites I could go to to lookup surnames in the town of Chlapau, now Chlapowo?
  Thank you

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