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Kate Burdick
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Mary Popovich
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Adalbert Goertz
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Mary Popovich
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Raymond Ziemer
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Robert Paul Monschke
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[OWP] Wickenhofer

Date: 2000/06/07 03:41:44
From: RLTruman00 <RLTruman00(a)...

Hello,  I am new to the list and thought that I'd post the Wickenhofer 
surname I am researching.

My ancestor is John Wickenhofer, born abt 1818.  He married Anna Ezenglas 
(not sure of the spelling), born abt 1823.  John and Anna first appear in the 
1860 Preston County, West Virginia, USA census.  John listed his birthplace 
as Hesia, Ger and Anna listed hers as Prussia.  John reappears in the 1870 
census and listed his birthplace as Prussia.  Three of their children; 
Christina, Henry and George were born in Prussia.
I haven't yet been able to establish where in Prussia they originated so I 
thought I'd post the names in hopes that someone may be familiar with the 
name or it's origin.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!