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Adalbert Goertz
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Mike and Dorie Brennecke
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Karl H. Becker
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Kate Burdick
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RE: [OWP] A Resource

Date: 2000/06/06 05:04:10
From: Kate Burdick <burdick(a)...

Thank you for this.  I am also new to this list.  I am searching the KOPPER family.  My great grandfather, August Kopper, received the Iron Cross for his service in the Franco-Prussian War (1870).  He emigrated from Saalfeld, East Prussia with his family in 1888.  I have no knowledge of his ancestors, and little idea of how to start looking for them.  (Ich kann Deutsch lesen, aber nicht so gut scriben.)
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I am a new subscriber to this list.  In my search for my mother's Ostpreussen family history, I received an address from a contact in Germany who has been kind enough to help me.  The address is supposed to be an organization which serves as a registration point for people whose families came from East Prussia, and apparently they have birth, marriage, and other records.  Another member of this list suggested I share it here.  The address is as follows:
                          Heimatortskartei Nordosteuropa--Ostpreussen
                          Amtliche Auskunftsstelle
                          Kirchlicher Suchdienst
                          Vorwerker Str. 103
                          23554 L├╝beck
I haven't tried this yet,and I am waiting to hear whether there is a website or e-mail address.  My contact in Germany is doing a little more research for me, and should be getting back to me soon.  If I get any additional information, I will pass it on to the list.  Dorie Tammen Brennecke, searching SCHAKAT, BOCHUM, LIEBE, WITTESCH, KRIEG, in the Tilsit/Kloken area of Ostpreussen.