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2000/02/29 13:45:42
Dietrich Fabricius
Re: Church locations

2000/02/28 20:57:00
Re: Vandenburg
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Albert E.F. Lipskey M.A.
Wachsmuth, WP
2000/02/29 13:45:42
Dietrich Fabricius
Re: Church locations
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Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"

Re: Vandenburg

Date: 2000/02/29 15:08:59
From: Don Litzer <dlitzer(a)...

The IGI is the International Genealogical Index.  It has been compiled by
the LDS for years (how many exactly I don't know).  It is comprised of
information extracted from records microfilmed by the LDS church (as
opposed to genealogists' research results, which are as good as the
genealogists researching them).  For years one could go to an LDS Family
History Center library and use the IGI on microfilm.  I can't tell you off
the top of my head what it's called now and in what format, but that's at
least how it started.

At 09:00 AM 2/28/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Can you tell me what the IGI is?  This may be a new direction to follow
sine I am sort of stuck right now.
>>>> clspegal(a)... 02/26/00 02:07AM >>>
>Not sure if this helps at all, but was just researching in the IGI and saw
>(while looking up something else) a listing:
>Darmstadt, Vanderburgh,Germany.....
> Anyway, thought I'd mention it.
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>Subject: Re: Vandenburg
>> The only listing in Meyers 1910 gazetteer of the German empire that starts
>> with "Vand_" is Vandesburg, Kr. Flatow, Westpreu$en.
>> James
>> At 9:01 AM -0500 5/3/1, Denise Lynch wrote:
>> >Hello!
>> >
>> >Can anyone help me in looking up the town Vandenburg in Meyers? I am not
>> >at all familiar with Germany - past or present but this is supposedly
>> >where my ancestors came from.  If it is not there, then it could be
>> >Vandsburg - that is what Mary possibly suggests. Please let me know if
>> >anyone has access to this information - it would be greatly appreciated!!
>> >
>> >Denise Lynch
>> >
>> >
>> >>>> busia(a)... 02/08/00 01:05AM >>>
>> >Preussen the the German name for Prussia.
>> >
>> >Vandenburg would be the town name. I have not checked Meyers Lexikon for
>> >this town (I don't have access to it at home). There may have been a
>> >village with that name listed in Meyers. If there was, it would have a
>> >name today, as town names ending with "burg" that became part of Poland
>> >their names changed. Some towns that ended with burg now end with bork,
>> >e.g., Marienburg is now Malbork and Vandsburg is now Wieczbork.
>> >
>> >Bydgoszcz was the Polish province that Wieczbork is in. Poland just went
>> >through some redistricting last year and there is no longer a province
>> >called Bydgoszcz, but the LDS catalog and most researchers continue to
>> >that name.
>> >
>> >Kreis Flatow - Kreis is the German equivalent of our county. So Vandsburg
>> >was in the county of Flatow. Flatow is now called Zlotow.
>> >
>> >If you were to look these places up on the LDS catalog, they would be
>> >cross-referenced as follows:
>> >
>> >Poland, Bydgoszcz, Wieczbork (country, province, town)
>> >
>> >Germany, Preussen, West Preussen, Vandsburg (Flatow) (empire, country,
>> >province town (county))
>> >
>> >You might ask Listers specifically if someone can do a lookup for you of
>> >town Vandenburg in Meyers. If someone can do that for you and they don't
>> >find a Vandenburg, then my suggestion of Vandsburg is a definite
>> >possibility.
>> >
>> >Hope this helps.
>> >
>> >Mary Popovich
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