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2000/02/29 05:09:59
Chuck Braun
Church locations
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carl and patricia baido
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2000/02/29 05:09:59
Chuck Braun
Church locations
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Dietrich Fabricius
Re: Church locations
2000/02/22 22:07:12
Re: Czartolon, Amt Schlochau
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Re: Vandenburg

Re: Church locations

Date: 2000/02/29 09:26:40
From: Edommer <Edommer(a)...

I would recommend to get hold of the "Historisch-geographischer Atlas des 
Preussenlandes". That it is a phantastic compilation of data for West- and 
East-Prussia, it uses old maps and overlays on individual pages with the 
following information:
1. administrational structure and jurisdiction  ("Verwaltungsgliederung")
2. organisation of catholic and protestant churches and mennonites 
("Kirchliche Organisation")
3. legal postion of villages/towns ("Rechtsstellung der Siedlungen")
4. number of households ("Feuerstellen")
That all has been put together as a snapshot of 1785, say about a decade 
after the first Polish Partion (1772), when Prussia took parts of Poland 
over. It was then when the term "Westprussia" was introduced in contrast to 
the old Dukedom of Prussia, which was then called "Eastprussia" order of 
Friedrich II, believe it or not.
Back to the atlas:
The a.m. atlas was published by Franz Steiner Verlag GmbH, Wiesbaden, Germany.
My edition is from 1970, a tremendous source and typical masterpiece of 
The authors are the German historians Hans Mortensen, Gertrud Mortensen and 
Reinhard Wenskus.
The atlas comes in 20 individual pages of about 50 cm x 70 cm as a big roll 
of paper.
The scale of the maps is 1 : 300.000. The delivery is also accompanied by 
detailed tabulations and descriptions of the historical context.

This atlas is a real gain for every genealogist in East- and Westprussia.

All the best,
Eberhardt Dommer