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2000/02/28 20:28:26
Re: Vandenburg
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Re: Vandenburg
2000/02/23 13:39:42
Regina Auf'm Kampe
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Jim & Muriel Gambrel
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John Hartman
Re: Konitz = Chojnice

Brodzky family

Date: 2000/02/28 20:30:54
From: John Brodzky <brodzky(a)...

My grandfather Maurice Brodzky was born in Marggabrowa, Germany (East
Prussia); now Olecko Poland, on November 13 1850.

His parents were Israel Elias Brodzky and Bella Czerwynkowsky.

I do not know the birth dates or birth places of either of my
grandfather's parents, or if they had any other children.

I am therefore looking for anyone who may be the grandchild of someone
who had the same parents as my grandfather, or maybe who could tell me
where I might find more details of my grandparents.

Any help would be much appreciated.
John Brodzky