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2000/02/26 08:09:21
Re: Vandenburg
Datum 2000/02/27 20:43:21
Elbing or Elblag and Stuba
2000/02/25 15:26:41
Albert E.F. Lipskey M.A.
Wachsmuth, WP
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Carol Fricke
2000/02/14 18:00:46
Autor 2000/02/04 20:09:59
Brenda Schoenfeld

Re: Wachsmuth, WP

Date: 2000/02/27 02:13:06
From: BradburnEH <BradburnEH(a)...

Hi Albert,

I do not know if I have relatives in or around Wachsmuth, but my great 
grandfather was from Mecklenburg, Prussia and according to the 1870 US census 
for Taylor County, West Virginia both of his parents were born in 
Mecklenburg, Prussia.

My great grandfather's name was William (Wilheim) LUETHKE born about 1837. He 
was a stone mason. He married Mary born about 1837 in Denmark. They had three 
children born in Denmark before the family emigrated to the USA. These 
children were Christianna born about 1862, William born about 1864 and 
Charles born about 1865.

William LUETHKE sailed from Hamburg aboard the SAXONIA and arrived in New 
York on 4 September 1865. His wife and three children followed later. They 
all settled in or near Grafton, Taylor County, West Virginia, USA where 
William worked for the railroad building tunnels.

William had a brother who also came to the USA. His name was John H. E. M. 
LUETHKE and he was born around 1824 in Mecklenburg, Prussia. John's wife was 
names Anna H., she was born about 1826 in Hamburg and her parents were born 
in Oldenburg. I do not what year John and his family left Germany, but he was 
in Grafton, Taylor County, West Virginia in 1870. He also was a stone mason 
and worked for the railroad. John Luethke most likely emigrated prior to 
William LUETHKE.

Let me know if any of this is familiar to you Albert.

Gene Bradburn