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2000/02/19 09:49:25
Wolfgang Naujocks
New Danzig mailing list in English language
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Bette Imboden
Re: New Danzig mailing list in English language
2000/02/27 21:19:16
Cindy Goldsworthy
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Town names Kumerbries and Stadler
2000/02/17 21:46:37
Re: Finkhauser in the US???
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Re: Vandenburg


Date: 2000/02/19 14:08:37
From: Danleyf <Danleyf(a)...

Good morning,

The surnames I am researching are BUDIG, ARENDT/AREND, KNITTEL and BUCHAL. 
All were from the Berlin area except KNITTEL, who was from Schnidemuehl which 
I am told is now Pila, Poland. Is Pila near Berlin?

My great grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm BUDIG married Johanna KNITTEL in 
Berlin and came to the US, I beleive in the early 1880s. His father was 
Friedrich August BUDIG and his mother was August Caroline ARENDT/AREND. 
Friedrich Wilhelm was christened in 1858, I beleive.

Can anyone tell me where I can learn more about these people? Any suggestions 
will truly be appreciated. Thank you.

Frances in Mississippi, USA