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2000/02/18 22:07:02
Lars Jørgen Helbo
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Bette Imboden
Re: New Danzig mailing list in English language
2000/02/03 22:38:22
Wolfgang Naujocks
Re: Konitz = Chojnice
Autor 2000/02/20 11:59:31
Wolfgang Naujocks
Re: New Danzig mailing list in English language

New Danzig mailing list in English language

Date: 2000/02/19 09:49:25
From: Wolfgang Naujocks <Wolfgang(a)...


a new Danzig mailing list is opened and is ready to work.

Danzig-E(a)...  is meant for all English speaking people with an
interest in the old Free City of Danzig (Freie Stadt Danzig). Topics are
history, culture, genealogy and - of course - modern day Gdansk.

Since July 1999 a German language based Danzig forum has been working
successfully (Danzig(a)... In the German list you can find many
"old" Danzigers, their descendants, friends of this wonderful old town
and, of course, some citizens of Polish Gdansk. I was asked serveral
times why there is no English mailing list. I think, it's the right time
to start with such a list now.

### IMPORTANT: This forum is open for ALL topics around Danzig, the Free
City of Danzig and Gdansk ###

If you want to subscribe send an email to Wolfgang(a)... 
Greetings from Wolfgang Naujocks (Wolfgang(a)... in Brackenheim,
a small village surrounded by vineyards in Baden-Wuerttemberg.
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