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Re: Cruttinnen

Date: 2000/02/18 22:07:02
From: Lars Jørgen Helbo <salldata(a)...

At 14:31 18-02-2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi!  this is Muriel - I found a place "Nikolaiken" which is just east
>and a bit south of Sensburg -
>The LDS have Zivilstandsregister films - 1874-1880 for Nikolaiken
>also another, includes Wosnitzen;, Lucknainen, Schaden and Nikolaiken
>#1191346, same years.

Yes, both Nikolaiken and Alt-Ukta are in Kreis Sensburg, but apart from
that they have nothing to do with each other. They are two seperate
parishes. Nikolaiken 18 km east of the town of Sensburg. Ukta is 23 km to
the south-east.

Ukta and Alt-Ukta are two ends of the same village. Kruttinen is placed 4
km straight west of Ukta and Nickelshorst halfway in between.

I have a map 1:100.000, if anybody is interested, I can make and send a
scanned image.

Unfortunately I think the churchbooks from Ukta were lost during the war.

As you may be able to hear, this is also my area of interest ;-)

The names I am looking for are ALBARUS, MROHS, BURY, BOROWSKI, BERG, DISLAK
and TACHYLZIK all in Kreis Sensburg.

Lars Jørgen Helbo