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2000/02/14 14:51:08
John Mansfield
Re: Chocicza Kreis Jarozin
Datum 2000/02/14 18:00:46
2000/02/04 00:54:06
Mary Brettell
Re: Re:New Subscriber - JAHL/MANZ/HOPP
Betreff 2000/02/04 15:18:47
Dan Theus
2000/02/19 14:47:59
Bette Imboden
Re: New Danzig mailing list in English language
Autor 2000/02/14 18:00:46

Off-color Comment

Date: 2000/02/14 17:33:54
From: Bettivys <Bettivys(a)...

Dear List,

Although I'm very glad to see the apology, I must admit that I was confused.  
On vacation and driving across the U.S., we had our laptop.  I was reading 
messages but not responding.  However, I never figured out which message had 
precipitated the nasty one.  At any rate, I learned while my four sons were 
growing up that bad behavior sometimes is best ignored -- if it seems to be 
for the effect of getting attention.  That might explain the lack of response 
of others.

Now it's all over.  Let's get on with finding our ancestors!

Sally in Iowa