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2000/02/12 21:59:05
Muriel Glenn
Re: Schnidemiihl
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Klaus Hinz
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2000/02/08 21:00:21
K.H. Studier
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Muriel Glenn
2000/02/10 20:55:15
Re: Schnidemiihl
Autor 2000/02/17 21:46:37
Re: Finkhauser in the US???


Date: 2000/02/13 00:59:36
From: Danleyf <Danleyf(a)...


I am really sorry if I gave you a wrong name. I am not even sure at this 
point if Augusta had a sister. Augusta Arendt who married Friedrich August 
BUDIG had a son Friedrich Wilhelm"William"BUDIG who married Johanna Knittel. 
She had a sister Loise Knittel that married a FISHER.

The only dates I have were given to me by a woman in Nebraska, they are that 
Augusta Arendt was born in 1826 near Berlin, Germany and died in 1894 in 
Plattsmouth, Nebreska. 

I visited the Nebraska website and found the record for Augusta BUDIG BUCHAL, 
so I am assuming she must have remarried. 

According to the IGI at the LDS, she and my had a son born 
before they were married. I haven't been able to find out anything except 
their childrens names and christening dates and someone told me that 
sometimes they took more than one child to be christened at the same time. So 
I may have found Augustas christening date and don't know it.

Have I made any sense?

Thanks for the addresses. How are the ARENDTs tied in to your family?

Gotta go now. Talk to you later.