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2000/02/11 14:17:24
Brian Bauman
Das Schlochauer Land
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Adalbert Goertz
Das Schlochauer Land
2000/02/11 00:58:47
John Hartman
Re: Schnidemiihl
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Sheila A Kapella
Re: Schnidemiihl
2000/02/10 15:16:41
Muriel Glenn
Re: Schnidemiihl
Autor 2000/02/12 19:58:21
Muriel Glenn
Re: Schnidemiihl

Re: Schnidemiihl

Date: 2000/02/11 21:29:15
From: Muriel Glenn <murielglennwebt(a)...

Hi Frances, Sounds like your Arendts are from the same area as mine.  I
looked for the city or town but couldn't find it. I looked on the
mapquest site but the maps that I came up with are in German. There is
another to look at and I have to check out the address.  Will look up
and see what  can find.
My Arendts/Ahrends/Arens and various spellings came from the Berlin area
also.  Actually  some of them came from Penzlin, Waren  area northwest
of Berlin. 
There are some families in Wisconsin that I have been in contact with
and I will look up the address and send it to you also.
Do you have dates for these people that you mentioned?  Also have you
tried the LDS site?
It seems as tho the people in Wi. sent information and mentioned a
Louise.  Will check my papers to see what I can come up with.  Will talk
to you later.  Will also get out my family papers so I can send the
names and dates to see if they might be related.  Just have great great
grandparents listed in church records.  Later, Muriel