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2000/02/11 00:58:47
John Hartman
Re: Schnidemiihl
Datum 2000/02/11 21:29:15
Muriel Glenn
Re: Schnidemiihl
2000/02/22 22:07:12
Re: Czartolon, Amt Schlochau
Betreff 2000/02/11 23:03:38
Adalbert Goertz
Das Schlochauer Land
2000/02/05 06:11:11
Brenda Schoenfeld
Autor 2000/02/16 07:43:10
Brian Bauman
RE: Das Schlochauer Land

Das Schlochauer Land

Date: 2000/02/11 14:17:24
From: Brian Bauman <brewcanoe(a)...

Hello List,

  I am looking for a book, "Das Schlochauer Land"  by Johannes Gurtz and 
Helmut Becker.  It's about 20 years old and probably out of print, as I 
can't find it at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  It's a "coffee table" book, 
with pictures of the area around Schlochau.  Don't know the publisher or 

  Can anyone point me to a book dealer who might have a copy of this book?

Brian Bauman in North Carolina