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2000/02/10 19:48:59
Town names Kumerbries and Stadler
Datum 2000/02/10 23:04:21
Adalbert Goertz
Chocicza Kreis Jarozin
2000/02/10 15:16:41
Muriel Glenn
Re: Schnidemiihl
Betreff 2000/02/11 00:58:47
John Hartman
Re: Schnidemiihl
2000/02/10 06:13:18
Re: Schnidemiihl
Autor 2000/02/13 00:59:36

Re: Schnidemiihl

Date: 2000/02/10 20:55:15
From: Danleyf <Danleyf(a)...

Hi Muriel, What maps are you referring to? I looked at the ones of Poland but 
really didn't understand what I was looking at. The ARENDTs that I am 
researching I beleive were from Sophien, Berlin Stadt, but then I'm not sure 
of that either. I do know that Auguste Caroline ARENDT or it may have been 
Auguste Caroline Wilhelmine ARENDT married Friedrich Wilhelm BUDIG. She had a 
sister named Louise. I am really lost in this whole thing. I am new to 
genealogy and don't have alot to go on. In the obituary here in the US it 
just said they were born near Berlin Germany. I really need help.