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2000/02/08 23:14:24
John W. Wall
"Gnadenau" in Kansas
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John W. Wall
Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"
2000/02/08 23:02:48
Adalbert Goertz
translation of "Gnadenau?"
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John W. Wall
Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"
2000/02/29 15:08:59
Don Litzer
Re: Vandenburg
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Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"

Date: 2000/02/09 00:15:05
From: DRWGen <DRWGen(a)...

In a message dated 2/8/00 12:17:34 PM, john(a)... writes:
> English translation of "Gnadenau?"


A small book exists, the title of which should answer your question.  The 
town once existed very near present day Hillsboro, KS.   The book??  Oh yes:

Title:      Grace Meadow: the story of Gnadenau and its first elder, Marion 
County, Kansas  
Stmnt.Resp.:    by David V. Wiebe  
Authors:    Wiebe, David V., 1890-1965 (Main Author)

I've never seen the book but would like to, as my wife has ancestors from 
1874, in Gnadenau.

DW in MN