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2000/02/08 23:02:48
Adalbert Goertz
translation of "Gnadenau?"
Datum 2000/02/09 00:15:05
Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"

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K.H. Studier
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2000/02/08 19:15:21
John W. Wall
translation of "Gnadenau?"
Autor 2000/02/09 01:15:22
John W. Wall
Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"

"Gnadenau" in Kansas

Date: 2000/02/08 23:14:24
From: John W. Wall <john(a)...

Thank you for all of the replies.

It's the colony in Kansas that I am interested in.  My g-grandparents
GIESWEIN and PINNECKER left Gnadenfeld and Moor, Russia in 1886 and settled
in Marion Co., KS.  That is the same county where Gnadenu is (or was?)

I hoping to find where I could check on any records with the Kansas colony.

John W. Wall
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From: Jörgen Hedman <hedman.jorgen(a)...
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Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"

>Hi John. Gnadenau could be translated as the Grace-/mercy- creek. The
>name was probably brought with them by Dutch-German Mennonites (from
>Holland or the boarder area between Germany and France)as they moved  in
>the 17th century to Prussia and further then in the 18th and 19th
>century to Russia. A mennonite colony in Kansas founded by Mennonites
>from Russia carries this name as fare as I know. Have you checked this
>site out?
>Yours, Jörgen Hedman Stockholm Sweden
>John W. Wall wrote:
>> Can anyone give me an English translation of "Gnadenau?"
>> John W. Wall
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