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2000/02/05 06:11:11
Brenda Schoenfeld
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Andy Bartelt
Re: Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?
2000/02/05 05:55:25
R. C. Elbrechter
Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?
Betreff 2000/02/05 15:33:38
Andy Bartelt
Re: Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?
2000/02/14 01:20:25
Andrew & Vicki Genrich
Fw: Chocicza Kreis Jarozin
Autor 2000/02/05 15:33:38
Andy Bartelt
Re: Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?

Re: Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?

Date: 2000/02/05 15:18:24
From: Andy Bartelt <alb1(a)...

Declaration of Intent, Naturalization record...?

Andy Bartelt

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Subject: Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?

> Sirs:
>      I am researching my family linage, which came from Prussia (Exact
> whereabouts I am in search of). The only information that I have currently
> is that my family is directly descendant from a Carl Charles Elbrechter
> died 6, June 1878 and is buried in Belleville, Illinois. I have been able
> to determine that he arrived in the United States aboard the ship New
> England which left Bremerhaven, Germany on 30, October 1853. His listed
> name on the passenger list is Carl Elbrachter (probably umlauted a) -
> listed as 36 years of age - occupation: Farmer - listing Prussia as the
> country that he was originating from. Taking his age from the date of the
> passenger list... one would assume that he was born approximately 1817.
> Were there any passenger list taken in Bremerhaven (I already have the
> arrival list from New Orleans). Is there any records one could use to
> further narrow down where in Prussia he was from (Land ownership documents
> maybe? - since he was a farmer). There could have even been a birth record
> as I seem to remember somewhere that records began to be kept around 1807?
> Prussia was a fairly new German province at that point in time, so I am
> somewhat lost as to where to go next. Thank you in advance for any
> information that anyone can lend me in this research of mine.
> R. C. Elbrechter
> ron(a)...