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2000/02/05 02:03:45
Adalbert Goertz
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R. C. Elbrechter
Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?
2000/02/15 20:35:42
Re: Important site
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Erica Margita Neumann
Re: Konitz = Chojnice
2000/02/05 02:03:45
Adalbert Goertz
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Adalbert Goertz
translation of "Gnadenau?"


Date: 2000/02/05 05:03:15
From: Adalbert Goertz <goertza(a)...

Subject : Has anyone heard of places that look  Reference : NONE 
Yesterday I received a marriage certificate for the brother of my great, 
great, grandmother. 
I am having trouble deciphering the writing. 
It looks like Franz MANZ came from 'Schoone', Germany and his wife, Justina 
KALINOWSKI from 'Keuckendof', Germany !! 
I know Rosalia MANZ was born in West Prussia (Neuhof, near Deutsch Krone) 
and was married in the same place so 
I imagine the place Franz was born is also West Prussia. 
Does anyone on the list have any knowledge of a place name that looks like 
adalbert goertz responds: 
Keuckendof is probably a misreading of Knackendorf, Kreis Dt.Krone. 
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