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Date: 2000/02/04 17:23:11
From: WhitmerJ <WhitmerJ(a)...

Yes, there was a railroad station just southeast and "outside" of Pollnitz.  
It appears this was a secondary railway and it joined the main railroad just 
southeast of the town of Schlochau, Kreis Schlochau.    This main railroad 
came from near Konitz to the east.  

I checked my 1997 Polish map and the present railroad by Polnica (formerly 
Pollnitz) is identified as "Koleje towarowe" or "freight haulage only."   It 
still joins the main railroad just southeast of the town of Czluchow 

What is interesting here is that if the ancestor followed the route 
mentioned,  from Schlagenthin through Lichnau, Konitz and beyond to Pollnitz, 
he would have crossed over the main railroad that ran by the town of Konitz 
(Chojnice.)   Given the situation at the time, perhaps traveling the extra 
distance to a secondary railroad was a necessary decision.  The railroad by 
Pollnitz ran north towards Rummelsberg in Pomerania or south, to join the 
main railroad at Schlochau.  

Karen B. Whitmer