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2000/02/04 00:54:06
Mary Brettell
Re: Re:New Subscriber - JAHL/MANZ/HOPP
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Re: Konitz = Chojnice
2000/02/03 23:58:18
John Hartman
Re: Konitz = Chojnice
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Re: Konitz = Chojnice
2000/02/08 21:00:21
K.H. Studier
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Autor 2000/02/08 20:39:28
Katharina Hines
Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"

Re: Konitz = Chojnice

Date: 2000/02/04 02:11:21
From: Katharina Hines <hines60(a)...

I just get your E-mail.
My Grandmother was born in Adlig Pollnitz.
Her father was a Rittergutbesitzer Oscar Bandemer in Adlig Pollnitz
The deathcertificate from his father-in-law reads
lived in Adlig Pollnitz
Pollnitz was the town were the certificate were wrote.
The names I have for Pollnitz are:
Hermann BRANDT
I would appreciate more information about Pollnitz

Thank you
Katharina Hines


I understand that Konitz is now Chojnice and that Schlochau is now
Czluchow-can some one tell me if the smaller villages of Pollnitz and
Huelfe(bei Konitz) stil exist and what they are called today? My
Great-grandparents. THEODORE HARTMAN(b1857) and MATILDA TESSMER left there in
1893 with other siblings.
Thank You

Wolfgang Naujocks wrote:

> Am Sat, 29 Jan 2000 16:54:15 EST erreichte mich folgende Nachricht:
> >Dan,
> >in your researches of the Konitz church records did you also come across
> >people
> >by the name of DOMMER ?
> >If so, please let me know.
> >Regards,
> >Eberhardt Dommer
> In the book of the citizens of Konitz you can find the following entry:
> (page) 80/81
> (year) 1828
> Dommer, Johann, Konitz, Schneider (tailor), kath (catholic), 29 (=age)
> --
> Gruesse von Wolfgang Naujocks (Wolfgang(a)... Brackenheim,
> einem kleinen inmitten von Weinbergen gelegenen Staedtchen im Sueden.
> Meine Homepage mit 8.000 Namen in Danzig, West-/Ostpreussen:
>, Listen: Danzig(a)... FaMOS(a)...

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