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2000/02/03 22:38:22
Wolfgang Naujocks
Re: Konitz = Chojnice
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John Hartman
Re: Konitz = Chojnice
2000/02/03 20:06:37
Adalbert Goertz
New Subscriber - JAHL / MANZ / HOPP
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Mary Brettell
Re: New Subscriber - JAHL / MANZ / HOPP
2000/02/09 00:15:05
Re: translation of "Gnadenau?"
Autor 2000/02/07 12:19:46
Re: Konitz = Chojnice

Re: New Subscriber - JAHL / MANZ / HOPP

Date: 2000/02/03 23:09:55
From: Edommer <Edommer(a)...

Hallo Mary,

there is a Rosenfelde about 10km west of Deutsch Krone and Klein Nakel is 
located about 10km south of same town.
Since the LDS don´t have films for these villages themselves, did you already 
check Deutsch Krone itself? You may find the two little villages listed 
thereunder and there are plenty of contribution and classification registers. 

Are you aware of the films 491181-85, 535548and 491165 ? They give 
information about land, property and contribution and classification 
registers of Neuhof/Dtsch. Krone).

If you haven´t seen it yet, there is a lot of work involved.
All the best downunder,

Eberhardt Dommer