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Re: [OL] Clemens Macke and Catharina Deters

[OL] Macke/Deters

Date: 2010/04/14 03:11:00
From: Intorn <intorn(a)...

   My great grandmother is Agnes Macke born October 28, 1873 or
   1874 Oldenburg, Germany.  She immigrated to the US in 1881.

   Parents are

   Clemens Macke   b Feb 1839 d 13 Feb 1919 SD, USA
   Catharina Deters  b Aug 1849 d 20 Jun 1902 SD, USA
   I believe they got married abt 1875.
   Twin Brothers
   Frank Ferdinand Macke  b July 1872   d 1958 SD, USA
   August Macke    b July 1872   d 03 Aug 1940 SD, USA

   I am trying to find the biological mother of the Frank, August (twins
   brothers) and Agnes.
   I am also searching for the parents of Clemens Macke and Catharina
   Deters.  I believe Catharina Deters mother name is Agnes Deters born
   abt 1821
   and she has a sister named Agnes Deters born abt 1847.  I believe
   Catharina Deters mother and sister Agnes Deters immigrated with them to
   the USA in 1881 also.
   Agnes Macke also has two sisters born in the USA.
   Any information would be greatly appreciated.