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Re: [OL] Weiland Bohemann aus Ekern / Johann Koenig aus Edewecht / Anna Catharina Rohlfs

Date: 2010/04/13 15:13:26
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Doubtful if there is any connection but one never knows.

I have a Johanna Koenig/Konig b 1819 in Prussia. She immigrated Aug 1848 (age 27). I have the ships list and her name appears after the family of Gottfried Klett and his four sons. She may have been immigrating with the Klett family as she and Gottfried later married in Milwaukee.

Also on the same ships list but listed on a separate page is a Mary Konig (age 33). Possible that Mary and Johanna were related.

I have the death certificate for Johanna and unfortunately the names of her parents only read Mr & Mrs Koenig. No help there. Also, the death certificate has the e added.

Do you have any of this in your line?


JT Koenig wrote:
Hello Fellow Researchers:

I am today trying to fin the roots of three persons in State of Oldenburg. These three men are as follows:

1) Weiland Bohemann, born about 1760 in or near Ekern just north of Edewecht. He married Anna Margarete Kloppenburg and they had a daughter named Thalke Margarete Bohemann, who was born 4 Sep 1784 in Bloherfelde and who later
 married Anton Koenig.  I am seeking Weiland Bohemann's lineage and Anna
 Kloppenburg's lineage.

2) Johann Koenig, who was Anton Koenig's father, was born around 1740 in or near Edewecht. His son Anton was born in Edewecht on 22 Nov 1768. I am looking for Anton's mother's name, as well as Johann Koenig's Lineage.

3) Anna Catharina Rohlfs who supposedly born in Osternburg and who died around 1840.  She married Christopher Borchard Dinklage, Jr. on July 15th, 1803 in Osternburg and had six children with him that I know of (Hermann Gerhard Dinklage being my relation).  I am interested in finding Anna Rohlfs lineage.

Many Thanks for any help you may be able to give! Respect, JT Koenig


Hallo Forscherkollegen: Ich bin heute noch versucht, die Wurzeln von drei Personen in State of Oldenburg fin. Diese drei Männer sind wie folgt: 1) Weiland Bohemann, um 1760 geboren in oder in der Nähe Ekern nördlich von Edewecht. Er heiratete Anna Margarete Kloppenburg und sie hatte eine Tochter namens Thalke Margarete Bohemann, geboren 4. September 1784 in Bloherfelde und später heiratete Anton Koenig. Ich suche Linie Weiland Bohemann und Anna Kloppenburg die Linie. 2) Johann König, der Anton Koenig Vater war, wurde um 1740 in oder in der Nähe Edewecht geboren. Sein Sohn Anton war in Edewecht am 22. November 1768 geboren. Ich suche Anton's Name der Mutter, sowie Johann Koenig Linie. 3) Anna Catharina Rohlfs, die angeblich in Osternburg geboren und starb um 1840. Sie heiratete Christopher Borchard Dinklage, Jr. am 15. Juli 1803 in Osternburg und hatte sechs Kinder mit ihm, die ich kenne (Gerhard Hermann Dinklage wird meine Beziehung). Ich bin bei der Suche nach Anna Rohlfs Linie interessiert. Vielen Dank für jede Hilfe können Sie in der Lage sein zu geben! Respekt, JT Koenig

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