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2006/08/24 00:06:53
Andrea Korbanka
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Heinz Wiemann
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2006/08/23 06:16:48
Re: [OL] How to decipher old handwriting?
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2006/08/17 14:50:07
Vince Rollman
Re: [OL] Rollman's of Neuekirchen (Werner Honkomp)
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W. Fred Rump
Re: [OL] Hussar regiments?

Re: [OL] How to decipher old handwriting? (Ahnenforschung Familie Timphaus)

Date: 2006/08/24 03:04:57
From: Vince Rollman <pfalz33(a)...

Hallo Jan,

I've been researching the Rollmann (aka Rolf bey der Hake), Heese,
Hinkenberens, and Nedermeyer, families with Courtenay, and there is a strong
possibility that it is Ludwig Heese. The document in question is the
Marriage of Carol Nedermeyer and Catherine Rollmann nata Hinkenberens who's
daughter, Christine married Ludwig Heese.


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Subject: Re: [OL] How to decipher old handwriting?
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Dear Courtney,

could it be Ludwig Heese? (Albertus Wilhelmus Ludovicus Heese)



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Betreff: [OL] How to decipher old handwriting?

Hallo List,

We need some assistance in reading old handwriting from late 1700s and early

1800s church records.

There is a first letter of a word that looks like a 2 in modern handwriting.

"Ludovicus de Heise Wa??is (or in)  im gu(or gri)unreadable von 2umbarland."

(Or what looks to be barland - it may be barlant or barlaut.)

Do any of you have an idea about that 2 looking letter?  The 2 has a curl on

the top if that helps.  Also, in the old handwriting, was the overstrike
the letter u as common as it is today?

Thanks for any assistance.

Courtenay Ochs

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