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2006/12/23 15:58:31
[HN] From the auroras
Datum 2006/12/23 18:04:30
Rena McCarthy
2006/12/22 20:58:52
james danielsen
[HN] Miehe or Weihe
Betreff 2006/12/23 18:04:30
Rena McCarthy
2006/12/21 19:17:47
Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] Eter
Autor 2006/12/04 19:52:40
Wilfried Petersen
Re: [HN] Neustadt-Goedens

Re: [HN] Miehe or Weihe

Date: 2006/12/23 17:23:03
From: Werner Honkomp <werner(a)...

Neuhaldensleben is a part of the town Haldensleben in Sachsen(Saxony) - East-Germany.

There is no Weihe addresses but this:

Miehe, Friedrich
  Lerchenweg 1
  39340 Haldensleben

Miehe, Wolfgang
  Rottmeisterstr. 62
  39340 Haldensleben

Good luck,

> Hello,

> Could the name in question be Weihe. I have found this name on a marriage
> record in "Neuhaldensleben", in Saxony - Anhalt.

> I am reading old German writing - so it might be spelled Weihn.

> But the similarity caught my eye, especially since I can't find where they
> came from. Was it K of Hannover?

> Jim Danielsen
> Stoughton, WI  USA

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