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R&B Stewart
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Re: [HN] Honig, Carl Friedrich Louis

Date: 2005/10/10 18:37:00
From: R&B Stewart <raybarbara(a)...

Hello Colleen,
      The list below is from the Hannover emigration records.  The names you
mentioned are on this list.

Art    Begriff    zur Akte:
PERS    Honig    18902
PERS    Honig, Auguste Amalie    19758
PERS    Honig, Carl Friedrich Louis    19758
PERS    Honig, Dor. Juliane    19758
PERS    Honig, Eduard August Heinrich    19759
PERS    Honig, Georg Friedrich Ernst    19758
PERS    Honig, Heinrich August Eduard    19759
PERS    Honig, Heinrich August Eduard    19760
PERS    Honig, Henriette Caroline    19759
PERS    Honig, Hermann Adolph Eduard    19760
PERS    Honig, Hermine Wilhelmine Auguste    19759
PERS    Honig, Louis Carl Wilhelm    19759 on 10/9/05 7:26 PM, Spirit

    The numerical code given with each of them is that the place of
residence is this:

Oberbergamt Clausthal-Zellerfeld Fach 154

     I do not know exactly what the Obergeramt refers to.  I can't find it
in the Autoatlas I have.  It may refer to a region or something like that.
Clausthal-Zellerfeld is a city south of Goslar.  You can order records from
the Hannover archives.  It will have more information about that family.  I
will send you some directions privately as to how to do that.

Good luck,


 Surveying at spiritsurveying(a)... wrote:

> Honig, Carl friedrich Louis born, 1814-1816 departed Hamburg 4th June 1851
> bound for Port Adelaide, South Australia, Australia on a ship called ' The
> Herder' arriving on the 21st September 1851.  He was accomplanied by 3
> children.  Honig, Auguste Amalie aged 14, year of birth 1837, Honig,
> Dorothea Juliane aged 12 born in the year 1839 and Honig, george Friedrich
> Ernst aged 10 born in the year of 1839.
> Could anyone help me in searching German Archives or help me to obtain any
> birth certificates or related information on any of these people.
> Colleen
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