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1999/09/08 16:28:12
Mauri Webster
Re: Geographical question
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Re: Geographical question
1999/09/08 16:01:43
Larry Ledebur
Re: Where is STRATEN?
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Re: Where is STRATEN?
1999/09/07 17:09:46
Errol/Mary Sandler
Re: Geographical question
Autor 1999/09/10 16:25:23
Errol/Mary Sandler
Re: Where is STRATEN?

Re: Where is STRATEN?

Date: 1999/09/08 18:07:09
From: Errol/Mary Sandler <eesand(a)...

Hi Sunset

Interesting question, as I'm the person who transcribed the Lucilla 1837 for
the ISTG (the Lucilla is in volume 2.)

Be sure to check the whole passenger list, if you haven't already.  There
were some other passengers from what is probably the same town, but this
time the captain (or whoever) wrote the town as Starten, which is probably
the same place as your passengers were from.

And if you check this site (go to place
finder from that home page) Straeten seems to be the
closest possibility.  It's in Westfalen, a bit west of Cologne.  (Although
expediamaps are probably only good for current towns, so keep open other

Hope it helps!  Glad you found somebody on one of "our" ships!
Mary Koelzer

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Subject: Where is STRATEN?


I just received this information, and it does appear based on the ages,
the Port he supposedly entered, and the timeframe to be my
GG-Grandfather and his family (below).

The only problem is, it appears they city they were living in and
left from is "Straten" if I am reading it right. I have tried finding
it on the map, and have not been able to locate it. Originally we
thought they were from the Ankum/Alfhausen area... can anyone here
explain if "Straten" was an older city that no longer exists, and if
so, where it was located??  I would truly APPRECIATE it!

This is what was passed along to me: The Ship Lucilla arr in Richmond
from Bremen, 3rd qtr of 1837:

  25 Gerhd H. Borgman     Straten   farmer    32
  26 Lucy Marg Borgman  * Straten   wife      2?
  27 Joh Hein Borgman     Straten   son       16
  28 Caroline Borgman     Straten   daughter   2

Any help, or link to a map showing the town if it still exists would be

Thanks in advance,
 -=*> Sunset <*=-