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2004/10/06 17:37:40
Christoph Kummetat
[OWP] Export von GED-Daten
Datum 2004/10/06 17:59:05
Karl Becker
[OWP] Memelland-Adressen
2004/10/06 17:07:15
Gertrude Heuer
[OWP] change of language
Betreff 2004/10/17 10:52:56
[OWP] Ckausien in Königsberg
2004/10/06 16:26:09
Siewert Manuela
AW: [OWP] unsubscribing
Autor 2004/10/07 19:07:36
Siewert Manuela
[OWP] english language

AW: [OWP] change of language

Date: 2004/10/06 17:40:02
From: Siewert Manuela <siewertmanuela(a)...

Hello Trudy (and others),
you have to go on,
there you can first choose your language. Then press the button left from
the language.
Now you write your emailadress and the password, then you can change your
options for the list.

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[mailto:ow-preussen-l-bounces(a)... Auftrag von Gertrude
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2004 16:04
An: OW-Preussen-L
Betreff: [OWP] change of language

I just noticed from another persons message that I have an option not to
receive messages in the German language.
I would prefer to get them in English.
What is it I need to do?
Thanks for the help
Trudy Heuer


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