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2000/12/08 01:49:10
Re: [OWP] Kuehnast/Sawinski
Datum 2000/12/08 04:50:09
Adalbert Goertz
Re: [OWP] Kuehnast/Sawinski
2000/12/08 13:52:40
Re: [OWP] Kuehnast/Sawinski
Betreff 2000/12/10 22:06:05
[OWP] Fw: [AGoFF-L] Fw: Kurschat Ostdeutscher Familienforscher
2000/12/07 23:41:14
[OWP] Kuehnast/Sawinski
Autor 2000/12/04 19:43:32
Werner Schuka
Re: [OWP] Stromversorgung in Ost- und Westpr.

[OWP] Kuehnast/Sawinsky

Date: 2000/12/08 02:56:43
From: WAM0127 <WAM0127(a)...

Hi List! I placed a query on your list today and there seems to be some
misunderstanding as to the city my family was from in the Kries of
Neidenburg. They were from the town of Neidenburg, now Nidzica in
Poland. I am sorry if this has caused any confusion. Other surnames I am
researching in the same area and in Osterode are:

Braun, Bucholski/Buchholz, Freidel/Friedel Gruhn, Kollakowski, Kowinski,
Kuehnast, Kolloczieyski, Modrach, Mundelius,
Sabienski/Sawinski/Savinsky and others.

Patricia-Boes Parenteau