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2000/06/14 08:41:50
Andrew & Vicki Genrich
[OWP] Macintosh Genealogy software
Datum 2000/06/14 17:09:31
Susan Ferrill
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2000/06/14 08:41:50
Andrew & Vicki Genrich
[OWP] Macintosh Genealogy software
Betreff 2000/06/14 20:16:13
Wolfgang Fred Rump
Re: [OWP] Macintosh Genealogy software
2000/06/12 13:10:16
Ernst Hoffmann
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[OWP] Gardschau

Re: [OWP] Macintosh Genealogy software

Date: 2000/06/14 16:00:24
From: Ernst Hoffmann <ErnstHoffmann1(a)...

Title: Re: [OWP] Macintosh Genealogy software

There is realy only one (and it is out with the new version 7.0). They call it Reunion and make and sell it at LeisterPro for US Dollar 49.95 plus US Dollar 10.00 for foreign shipping and handling

go and download a demo-version from


on 14.06.2000 8:35 Uhr, Andrew & Vicki Genrich at genrich(a)... wrote:

Hello listmembers

I am looking for a Macintosh genealogy software that is compatible with Windows based Gedcom files.  

I currently run Mac OS9 as well as Windows 98, but only have my Gen. software on Windows.  My cousin is running Mac (with no Gen. software at the moment) and we want to be able to share information/files between the two platforms.

Can anyone recommend a Mac genealogy program that will read Gedcom files?  Would PAF for Mac do the trick?  

Thanks in advance

Andrew Genrich
Brisbane Australia

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