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2000/06/07 05:11:56
Re: [OWP] Ernest Thode's Books
Datum 2000/06/07 16:29:29
Ernst Hoffmann
Re: [OWP] Wars in East Prussia
2000/06/11 23:58:27
Susan Ferrill
[OWP] Ostpreussiche Familiennamen
Betreff 2000/06/02 22:22:16
Jim & Muriel Gambrel
[OWP] Plohmann
2000/06/06 18:32:39
Wolfgang Fred Rump
[OWP] Re: [FR] How do I unsubscribe?
Autor 2000/06/10 07:05:17
Wolfgang Fred Rump
Re: [OWP] Meyers Gazetteer

[OWP] Re: password process

Date: 2000/06/07 07:58:47
From: Wolfgang Fred Rump <fredrump(a)...

On 6 Jun 2000, at 7:49, St. Francis wrote:

> Fred
> I also have trouble in entering to find out my password.
> In what space are we to enter it - in the top space or in the
> bottom space? If it is the top space, there is no place
> indicated to enter it / send it. If it is the bottom space,
> when the address is then sent / entered, an error message
> is given indicating that the password needed to be entered.

I don't get these results when I do the same thing.
see below one more time.

> But, I am unable to do this because I do not have that
> password. I find the process a bit unclear, or are to simply
> re-subscribe and indicate our own new password?
> Please advise on where to procede on this.

Ok, one more time. On the bottom space where it sayd EDIT 
OPTIONS you key in your email address. The click it. You're now 
on your personal options page. Click the desired language again. 
The machine forgot that you were on the English page. 

You'll now see a place which says FORGOTTEN YOUR 
PASSWORD among other things. Just click on it and the password 
will immediately be sent to the address you entered in the previous 

You can skip step one if you'll just add your email address behind 
this URL where the .... are:

Obviously use the name of the list you wish to go to. 

I really don't see where the problem is on this. 


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Beverly, NJ 08010