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2000/05/02 00:03:37
Re: Ewert
Datum 2000/05/02 05:35:26
Brian Bauman
Re: Piktupönen
2000/05/01 22:53:31
Mark Welskopf
Betreff 2000/05/03 22:49:30
Klaus Hinz
Re: Welskopf
2000/05/01 14:23:07
Katharina Hines
Re: Standes-Begriffe
Autor 2000/05/12 20:09:51
Katharina Hines
Re: PIONTKOWSKI surname Westpreussen.

Re: Welskopf

Date: 2000/05/02 01:15:57
From: Katharina Hines <hines60(a)...

Hi Mark,
I have a question how you get catfish had out of Welskopf.
I know Wels is a fresh water fish. That is all I know.
I checked in my book for German names.
Wels Kopf are put together from 2 names.
Wels, was known in the year 1260 under Welzo, 1354 Welcz. Short form of giving name walt-Walther, may be for the fisher or place of origin from a towns name Welz(e), sometimes also short form for slavic giving name Welke 1380 (Jelke Welcz)
Kopf- year 1175 the Cophe, 1324 Coph or from middle high German kopf,
koph a container to drink out or brain -pan.cranium.
Maybe this is a different inside of your name

I have learned that the extremely rare surname ,WELSKOPF, and it's
variants, occurred mostly in Ortelsburg area of East Prussia. Does
anyone have and idea how or why this name, WELSKOPF(catfish head),

Mark Welskopf

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