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Mark Welskopf
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Katharina Hines
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Erwin Wittenberg
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Nancy Dunn
Hannemann/Seehafer surname
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Mary Popovich
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Nancy Dunn
Hannemann/Seehafer surname

Re: Ewert

Date: 2000/05/02 00:03:37
From: MarylnT <MarylnT(a)...


I have a John Ewert and his spouses last name was Frecht.  Their son John 
George Ewert b. 14 Nov 1838 is my great great grandfather and he was first 
married to Wilhelmina Alvina Miller and she died in Germany and he remarried 
Johanna Louisa Duske.  They came to the U.S. from Hamburg to New York and 
arrived on 21 July 1887 on the Ship Moravia.  They indicated they came from 
Prussia, Stolpmuende Village; Stolpmunde, located in Kreis Stolp, Pommem and 
called Ustka (a major fishing port on the Baltic Sea) located in the powiat 
of Slupsk, Pomorze.  His second marriage was in Stolpmuende Village and her 
parents were Michale Duske and Elizabeth Melke.  If any connection please let 
me know.  Thanks.