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2000/02/27 02:13:06
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Cindy Goldsworthy
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Brian Bauman
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Mary Popovich
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R. C. Elbrechter
Carl Elbrechter - b:1817?

Elbing or Elblag and Stuba

Date: 2000/02/27 20:43:21
From: NGroves <NGroves(a)...

My great-grandparents evidently were from Stuba. Although they lived for a 
time in Russia (I'm not certain of the dates), my great-grandmother returned 
to Stuba around 1885, after the death of her husband. They had four children, 
all of whom I believe were born in Russia and returned to Stuba with her. 
Later, two of them would, separately, emigrate to the US.

My great-grandparents' names were Gottlieb and Henrietta Schroeder. I believe 
that her maiden name was Karsten. Their children were Julius, Emilia (Emily, 
in the US), Mathilde, and Elizabeth. Julius and Emily are the two who came to 
the US, and Emily was my grandmother.

Is there anyone on this list who is familiar with Stuba who might help me 
begin to search for more details?

Nancy Groves