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2000/01/25 10:29:59
O. Schmidt
Datum 2000/01/26 05:20:29
Adalbert Goertz
Pushen (spelling?), or Pushen, Klugey, or Tushen.
2000/01/24 20:06:59
Adalbert Goertz
Betreff 2000/01/26 05:20:29
Adalbert Goertz
Pushen (spelling?), or Pushen, Klugey, or Tushen.
2000/01/28 21:49:32
Jim & Muriel Gambrel
Re: RES: Villages in Preusen
Autor 2000/01/27 03:38:23
John W. Wall
Gothen or Cothen Schsen, Preusen, Germany

Pushen (spelling?), or Pushen, Klugey, or Tushen.

Date: 2000/01/26 00:53:00
From: John W. Wall <john(a)...

I'll try this again ....

I’m looking for a place in Germany or Prussia called Pushen (spelling?), or
Pushen, Klugey, or Tushen.

My g-grandparents GIESWEIN and PINNECKER told everyone in our family
(including their 10 children and many grandchildren) they were from Pushen,
Germany. We've never known how to spell Pushen. This was always spoken in
broken English.

One written entry is, "Pushen, Klugey", while one other shows "Tushen" and
yet another states "Prussia."  But most written entries are, Pushen,
Germany.  Apparently they always said they were from "Pushen, Germany."

They moved from Germany to Russia about 1873. They immigrate to the US in

I've been looking at a village in Germany named Stocken-Puschen this looked
promising at first but after 3 years of writing to city officials and
churches I've totally struck out.

The people I'm searching for and their birth dates are:
Carl Gieswein - about 1819
John Fredrick Gieswein - August 17, 1845
Elizabeth Michell - 1849
Anna Mary Pinnecker - November 04, 1857
Elizabeth Gieswein – 1865
Henry Gieswein – 1867

The spelling of these names might be "Americanized" spelling.

John W. Wall
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