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2000/01/22 18:04:49
Doug Plowman
Re: Locations
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Re; Stettin/Lentz
2000/01/22 18:04:49
Doug Plowman
Re: Locations
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2000/01/27 09:09:19
Re: Gothen or Cothen Schsen, Preusen, Germany
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Re: Konitz = Chojnice

Re: Locations

Date: 2000/01/22 20:10:35
From: Edommer <Edommer(a)...

Hallo Leanne,
I looked up my old atlas from 1906 and may be this will also help you a bit:

1. There are (3) places by the name of LENZ, each one in Pomerania, Saxony 
and Switzerland

2. LENTZ  does not appear at all in that atlas

3. LENZEN has again (3) hits: Lenzen a.d. Elbe (Brandenburg) and one each in 
Westprussia and in Pomerania.

Since you mention Lenz in connection with Stettin may be your best bet is the 
village by the name of LENZ east of Stettin and about 10 km north of Stargard.

If that place is the one you are looking for, I would suggest that you also 
try your luck on the Pommern-List.

Good luck and all the best with your research,
Eberhardt Dommer

2. There is another possibility: LENTZ