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2000/01/13 16:51:06
Carol M. Duff
Re: Research aids for finding towns
Datum 2000/01/15 00:17:02
Mary Popovich
Re: Research Questions
2000/01/12 00:06:24
shirley greiman
Lind and Drengfurt-East Prussia
Betreff 2000/01/20 23:53:22
shirley greiman
Re: Lind and Drengfurt-East Prussia
2000/01/04 02:49:21
Wayne & Jean Christian
PEEPER family of Prussia 1803 - 1836
Autor 2000/01/21 18:01:58
Re: Lind and Drengfurt-East Prussia

Re: Lind and Drengfurt-East Prussia

Date: 2000/01/13 19:31:25
From: WhitmerJ <WhitmerJ(a)...

Hi Shirley and all,

You probably won't have trouble finding Drengfurt(h), Kreis Rastenburg, at 
the sites mentioned for finding towns, but if you can't locate your Lind you 
might look for the town of Wandlacken in Kreis Gerdauen, East Prussia.   
Linde (with an e) was a very small place just north of the community of 
Wandlacken.  This area is now part of the Russian Federation.

There were many places named Linde, but as Kreis Rastenburg and Kreis 
Gerdauen were next to each other in East Prussia, it may be that your Lind is 
the one located near Wandlacken.   Just a thought.

Karen B. Whitmer