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2000/01/08 00:41:27
Walter Mogk
Re: Location of village
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2000/01/08 18:38:48
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Mary Popovich
2000/01/04 13:45:58
Cindy Goldsworthy
Re: stargard
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lundschien family

Date: 2000/01/08 18:16:47
From: davran <davran(a)...

Dear Lothar,

	I am hoping to contact you because I have read that you are the
expert when it comes to Kreis Gumbinnen.  I would greatly appreciate any
suggestions as to how I might find out more about my great-grandfather's
family, the Lundschiens, who lived in a village called Ackmenischken in the
1840s before immigrating to Texas.  His name was George or Jurgis Lundschen
(9/16/1815-11/29/1901) .  He married a woman named Anna
(9/12/1817-1/26/1899) whose last name I do not know.  Unfortunately, there
are several Ackmenischkens, but at least a couple were located in Kreis
Gumbinnen.  Also, I have recently learned that there were between 12 and 20
variations in spelling of the family name, including Lundschien,
Lundschein, Landschein, Londschein, Lundchen, Lundskin, Lunczyn, Luntzin,
and others. Do you know of any archives I might search in hope of finding
my ancestors?

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Randy P. Lundschen Conner