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Re: PEEPER family of Prussia 1803 - 1836
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Walter Mogk
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PEEPER family of Prussia 1803 - 1836

Date: 2000/01/04 02:49:21
From: Wayne & Jean Christian <chris4cjsa(a)...


I am looking for information about Louis August PEEPER (or PIPER or PEPER
acccording to US land records and census) who was born in 1803 somewhere in
Prussia.  Louis left Prussia ca. 1824 - 1836 and wound up in Cole County,
Missouri where he married in 1837.  Family stories say he left to avoid the
military and also that he was a doctor. Louis named his children Virginia,
John, Augusta, Ernest, Nancy and Henry. 

My questions are: 

1.  What military threat was present during the 1824 - 1836 time frame that
would have caused him to fear the military and/or draft?  

2.  Was it possible for someone to have completed medical training by the time
they were 21 ca. 1824?  If so, what schools were available in the area?  (I am
trying to determine if he completed medical school in Prussia or US.) 

3.  Does anyone know of the PEEPER family (or other spelling variation) of
Prussia?  Has anyone lost a Louis August PEEPER?  

My sincere thanks for any help! 

Jean Christian 

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