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2000/01/03 03:36:32
Mary Popovich
Re: (Fwd) hello & info
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Cindy Goldsworthy
2000/01/03 03:36:32
Mary Popovich
Re: (Fwd) hello & info
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Adalbert Goertz
(Fwd) hello & info
2000/01/03 00:35:33
Re: (Fwd) hello & info
Autor 2000/01/22 10:52:18
Re: Locations

Re: (Fwd) hello & info

Date: 2000/01/03 12:51:33
From: Lutz.Szemkus <Lutz.Szemkus(a)...

Mary Popovich schrieb:
AKMONISHKEN (AKMENISKIAI), 5519 2150, Lithuania, 144.7 miles WNW of Vilnius

The above village, located on the ShtetlSeeker, and today located in
Lithuania, would seem to be a good candidate for the town of Ackmenischken
you're looking for. 


ShtetlSeeker has another candidate in today's Lithuania closer to Vilnius. If 
you want to check out places in Lithuania, make sure that they are in the Memel 
district which belonged to East Prussia until 1920.
The other three Ackmenischkens in the Salein list are all in the district of 
Gumbinnen (Russia today) and probably the better candidates.

My German telephone directory has 23 Landschiens and 7 Lundschins, 6 
Landscheins, no names of the other spellings you gave.

Hope this helps
Lutz Szemkus