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1999/12/31 16:40:34
Adalbert Goertz
Digital Postcard: Happy New Year!

1999/12/06 02:05:47
Adalbert Goertz
Hartungsche Zeitung
Betreff 1999/12/05 07:09:17
Rosemary Rummler
Klein Wilmsdorf (KEUCHEL)
1999/12/26 15:49:53
Carol M. Duff
Re: St Stanislaus Milwaukee
Autor 1999/12/29 17:14:05
Cindy Goldsworthy

Help finding a place Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 10:30:12 -

Date: 2009/07/05 23:08:29
From: Cindy <"Cindy(a)...

I was wondering if someone out there could please help me out with
identifying where this place could be: Strezfan/Marienwerder
Kammer/Prussia Thank you, Cindy

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