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Wolfgang Fred Rump
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Irmi Gegner-S√ľnkler
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Erica Margita Neumann
Translation Polish
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Cindy Goldsworthy
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David E Kromm
Re: RES: Villages in Preusen


Date: 1999/12/05 19:25:18
From: D. Lambert <dgl1960(a)...

I am looking for info on a Tietz family from Prussia.
Albert Tietz (b. 18xx in Koenigsberg, East Prussia) married a woman named Bertha. Fiedrich Anton Tietz (b 28.1.03 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia) married Else Charlotte Rhode. He died 5.11.65 in Wismar. They had two children : Brigitte Ruth Tietz and Siegfried Tietz (b in Koenigsberg, East Prussia) . Brigitte and her mother went to Berlin in 1945. Siegfried and his father fought in WWII in Sachsen.
Does anyone know of these people?

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