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1999/12/01 00:09:05
Martin Behrendt
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Re: Villages in Preusen
1999/12/29 17:22:03
Cindy Goldsworthy
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Re: Villages in Preusen
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Irmi Gegner-S√ľnkler
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Jim & Muriel Gambrel

Re: Villages in Preusen

Date: 1999/12/01 04:29:03
From: Jim & Muriel Gambrel <jgambrel(a)...

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From: Erica Margita Neumann <Erica.Neumann(a)...
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Date: November 30, 1999 3:01 PM
Subject: Villages in Preusen

>My family from mother side migrated from East Prussia -> Russia ->
Poland ->
>I'm looking for places:
>My grandmother was born in KONYSE (may it be in West Prussia ?)

MaYBE TRY kONITZ, which is now Pieniezno, Poland


>My grandfather was born in TUEZYN (may it be Tutschin ?)
>My mother was born in KORIST (in the passport the name is as ZEUSKA -
is it
>the same ?)
>My mothers christening was in the church VILLIFASS West-Prussia.
>My aunt was born in NEU BRUECK in  East-Prussia (she think that the
name now
>can be NOWE   JANKOWICE).
>They lived some time in East-Prussia near NEU BRUECK on a farm
>named KERBERODE or
>POMERILEN, near the German border. The earl had the name FREIHER GRAF
>Is Tutschin near Rowno ? And Lotz, is it near Tutschin ?
>Can someone identify this places and confirm the possible changed
names ?
>Where can I find on the map this places ?
>Thanks for any help.
>Erica Neumann