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Andrea Korbanka
Re: [OL] Johann Gerhard Kunnemann
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Peter Voß
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2010/04/20 10:41:26
Gap Creek
[OL] Oldenburg - family GODE - another question
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Jennifer Davis
[OL] Original Varel Church Records - Where to Locate?
2010/04/19 10:51:12
Re: [OL] Oldenburg - family GODE
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Heinz Wiemann
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Re: [OL] Oldenburg - family GODE - another question

Date: 2010/04/30 13:34:33
From: HeikoAhlers <HeikoAhlers(a)...


It is definitely the Holle SE south east of Oldenburg. I found Hinrich Gode was born July 26, 1792 in Neuenwege, Kirchspiel (parish) Holle. His parents were: Johann Dirk Gode, Heuermann (tenant farmer) in Neuenwege, and Margarete Frese.
What the book says is that in 1819 he was accepted as a citizen of Oldenburg. He may have lived elsewhere before, but, as far as I interpret this, he may also have lived in Oldenburg before, but without all the citizens' rights. Many "little people" like workers, maids, etc., lived in the cities not as full fledged "citizens" but just as "inhabitants".



"Gap Creek " <gapcreek(a)... schrieb:
>Are you able to clarify for me where Holle might be.  When I do a search in
>my Family Tree Maker I get a Holle which is just south east of Oldenburg
>which I presume would be the place.  When I search in google for Kirchspiel
>Holle, I find it is in Kreis Hildesheim, which is in Lower Saxony (still
>close I think).  
>Would you kindly direct me where I should write to seek assistance for
>someone to lookup the church register in Holle to find a birth for Hinrich
>Gode?  I appreciate your help and am excited I can now proceed further.
>Kind Regards
>It was mentioned
>"From the book "Buch der Bürgeraufnahmen der Stadt Oldenburg von 1740-1853):
>7. Mai 1819: Hinr. Gode, Bäcker
>This means Hinrich Gode was inhabitant of the town Oldenburg since May
>Does this mean that Hinrich Gode lived elsewhere prior to May 1819 (perhaps
>Where would I write to for Kirchspiel Holle