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2010/04/12 18:32:00
Werner Honkomp
Re: [OL] Franz Henrich Krogman
Datum 2010/04/13 06:40:59
Re: [OL] Luhr oder Lühr, Luer
2010/04/12 18:32:00
Werner Honkomp
Re: [OL] Franz Henrich Krogman
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harm gruis
[OL] Gruis Family.
2010/04/12 02:53:15
[OL] Franz Henrich Krogman
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[OL] Macke/Deters

Re: [OL] Franz Henrich Krogman

Date: 2010/04/13 05:57:21
From: Intorn <intorn(a)...

   Hi Werner,
   Thanks so much for your help.  I checked the LDS and found a Franz
   Henrich Krogmann, born 11 Nov 1830 Ehrendorf,Lohne, , Oldenburg,
   Germany, but that is all that was on the record.  This is the same
   birthday that I have for the Franz Henrich Krogman 1830 of Franz
   Ferdinand Krogmann and Catharine Engel Sunneberg.  So I am still
   somewhat confused about that.  I did some searching for the Josephina
   Meyer and have came up with nothing also.  But I will continue my
   Again thanks for your help and further information would be greatly

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   From: [1]Werner Honkomp

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   Date: Monday, April 12, 2010 11:32 AM

   Subject: Re: [OL] Franz Henrich Krogman

     Hello Janel,
     here what I have:
     Franz Henrich Krogmann is baptized 27.Mar.1861 in the church St.
     Johannes in Steinfeld,
     the only one child (the others died as infant) of:
             Franz Henrich Krogmann (notice: born in Lohne) and Maria
     Catharina Berding
             married on 24.Apr.1860
             He was widowed of Josphina Meyer and she widowed of Henrich
     Arnd Kolbeck,
             but could not find the marriage or children with his first
     wife Josephina Meyer.
     Franz Henrich Krogmann 3. marriage on 30.Sept.1868 to Maria
     Catharina Blöcker
     * 26.Dec.1870 Joseph
     * 09.Jul.1873 Maria Josephina
     * 03.Sep.1875 Franz Joseph
     * 11.Aug.1879 Franz Ferdinand
     The marriage says, that Franz Henrich Krogmann was born in Lohne, in
     this case the couple Franz Ferdinand Krogmann and Catharine Engel
     Sunneberg could not be his parents.
     Maybe his first marriage with Josephina Meyer was also in Lohne!?
     For this time frame I have not the church records of Lohne - maybe
     you can check this by LDS films.
     Have a nice day,
     Werner Honkomp
     >    Hi,
     >    My great grandfather is Franz Henrich Krogman born 26 Mar 1861
     >    immirgrated to the US abt 1878.  It is said that he got
     bapitized in
     >    the Roman Catholic Church in Steinfeld Germany.  I am trying to
     >    the bapistism, that his father and mother is Franz Henrich 1830
     >    Maria Catharina Berding and the data below is correct. Also
     trying to
     >    find Franz Henrich 1830's second wife and the mother of Joseph
     born abt
     >    1875.
     >    Franz Ferdinand Krogman born 08 Oct 1801 married July 24, 1824
     >    Steinfeld Church Register
     >     wife Catharina Engel Sunnenberg born abt 1806 maybe at Damme,
     >    Kries Vechta, Oldenburg
     >        Johann Henrich b 1828
     >        Franz Henrich b 1830
     >        Herman Henrich b 1834
     >        Franz Fredinand b 1837
     >        Anton b 1845
     >        Maria Elisabeth b 1848
     >    Franz Henrich Krogman born 11 Nov 1830 Steinfeld, Oldenburg,
     >    married Apr 24 1860
     >      Wife Maria Catharina Berding b 1832 Steinfeld, Oldenburg,
     >       Clem Krogman b abt 1860 ?????
     >       Franz Henrich b 1861 d 1942 in SD, USA
     >       Infant Child b 1863 d 1863
     >       Infant Child b 1867 d 1867
     >       Infant Child b 1868 d 1867
     >    Franz Henrich Krogman born 1830 may have also been married to a
     >    Titanboor (not sure on spelling) with a child from maybe a
     >    marriage called Henry.
     >    Franz Henrich Krogman born 1830 may have a son called Joseph
     born abt
     >    1875.  I don't know the bio mother on this, maybe it is
     >    Maria Catharina Berding was also married to Henrich Arend
     Kolbeck on
     >    Sept 25, 1855
     >      Henry Joseph Kolbeck b 1856 d 1859 SD, USA
     >      Johann Clemens Kolbeck b 1858 d 1940  SD, USA
     >    Thanks,
     >    Janel
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