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2010/02/10 18:08:31
Boyken & Boyken Partners
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Fred Bliefernich
[OL] Heinrich Bliefernich
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Timo Kracke
[OL] Heimatliteratur Scharrel, Ramsloh, Ermke und Klein Roscharden
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Fred Bliefernich
[OL] Heinrich Bliefernich
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Bill Brown
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Re: [OL] Speckmann

[OL] Heinrich Bliefernich

Date: 2010/02/10 18:18:06
From: blief1 <blief1(a)...

 My apologies if this message is a repeat of an earlier attempt to contact you (I am not sure if my first message was sent)

My grandfather Heinrich Bliefernich was born on August 12, 1875 in Germany (not sure which town). 

In the USA he married my grandmother Anna Brettman (not sure what date) had one son, my father, Fred Henry Bliefernich - born February 12, 1912 on Staten Island New York

Heinrich was a member of the International Union United Brewery Workmen of America - Local 23 - initiated Feb 12, 1907

My father told me that Henry owned a tavern on Bay Street, Staten Island, NY, and that he was the New York distributor for a Cinncinati beer company.

There is a possibility that Heinrich may have been in Germany in 1914 and may have served in the German armed forces during the war.

I hope you can help me identify where Heinrich was born, did he have brothers or sisters, when did he emigrate to the USA

Fred H. Bliefernich, Jr.