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2009/03/17 19:27:49
Betty and Jim Degen
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Ludger von Husen
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2009/03/17 16:47:59
Linda Speters
[OL] Ahlers
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Linda Speters
Re: [OL] Ahlers
2009/03/16 12:06:37
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[OL] Ficke-Ficken Family Dedesdorf and Buttel

Re: [OL] Ahlers

Date: 2009/03/17 20:00:11
From: Norbert.Suhren(a)... <Norbert.Suhren(a)...

   Hallo Linda,
   You will find some information about Gerhard Anton Ahlers in the
   "Ortsfamilienbuch Varel (on CD):
   Gernhard Anton Ahlers, *2.1.1863 in Varel, Dangastermoor, 9.5.1890
   married to Wobkeanne Brunken in Varel, *5.6.1863 in Detern, Eastern
   Frisia,+27.3.1895 in Varel-Borgstede. They together had one daughter.
   He had worked as a postman in Berne and Varel-Borgstede.
   On the CD there are links to both parents and the second marriage of
   Gerhard Anton Ahlers.
   With regards
   Norbert Suhren
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   Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:46:04 +0100
   Subject: [OL] Ahlers
   From: "Linda Speters" <l.speters(a)...
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   I will try to post this message in Englisch.
   Can anyone tell me if Gerhard Anton Ahlers born around 1860 married to
   Wobkeanne Brunken 09-05-1890 in Varel is the same as Gerhard  Anton
   Ahlers born 1863 and married to Johanne Henriette Gerdes  25-04-1896
   in Borstede.
   That would explain the fact Gerhard Anton en Wobkeanne only had two
   known children.
   Kind Regards,
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